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  • *NEW* Bearly Legal Hemp Smokes

*NEW* Bearly Legal Hemp Smokes


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A product that's convenient like a cigarette, gives a buzz like a joint, but can be used to replace tobacco. A Goldilocks ratio of D8 and CBD, these smokes are made to deliver a satisfying buzz that isn't overly intense like real cannabis often can be, but strong enough to get you in the right head-space. Perfect for use throughout the day or when you need to just take 5.

When it comes to THC, CBD acts as a neutralizer in some sense and can reduce the anxiety that can come from THC. The results of this THC:CBD ratio is that these smokes are smooth and tasty with a slight sweetness, relaxing and enjoyable and gets you in the head-space where you need to be - without any worries. The naturally rich CBD flower together with Delta-8 creates a chiller, relaxing, and just overall delightful experience than the high potency cannabis on the market today. A feeling of pure bliss and satisfaction without tobacco or nicotine, or the anxiety real cannabis will deliver.

The bio-degradable filter provides ample air-flow but also a unique cigarette / joint hybrid like experience. The best of both worlds. These are truly unique in every sense of the word. So If you're a tobacco smoker - and you're going to smoke anyway - why not ditch the tobacco with its thousands of chemicals and processing procedures and smoke something that has good stuff like CBD and other natural cannabinoids in it, that may actually make you feel better.

Simple, Pure Ingredients:

  • Organic Cali-Grown Premium Hemp Flower
  • Pure Delta-8-THC
  • A Pinch of Proprietary Terpene Blend Infusion


  • Best Rated Delta 8 hemp cigarettes anywhere
  • Deliver a consistent quality buzz that isn't strong enough to ruin your day or weak enough to toss aside
  • Each pack contains over 1,000mg D8 + 1,000mg Natural CBD for less than any CBD or Delta-8 in that quantity sold as gummies or tinctures
  • Bio-filters create a joint / cigarette hybrid like smoking experience which is truly amazing
  • 20 in a pack, same size and shape as a real cigarette
  • Grown in sunny Cali and made from some of the best hemp flower on the market, which equates to the BEST delta-8 smokes anywhere

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