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  • *NEW* CBD Pain Salve with Emu & Moringa Oil
  • *NEW* CBD Pain Salve with Emu & Moringa Oil

*NEW* CBD Pain Salve with Emu & Moringa Oil


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Introducing: CBD Pain Salve with Emu & Moringa Oil!

Our salve has all the ingredients to dig deep down and soothe those aches and pains while keeping your skin beautiful.

CBD Pain Salve with Emu & Moringa Oil Benefits

If you're dealing with deep tissue pain, you need relief that soaks in. Our new Pain Salve could be just what you're looking for!

Emu oil might conjure a goofy picture of a flightless bird, but the benefits are no laughing matter. The oil has been shown to be great for deep tissue aches and pains -- its properties of moisturizing and easily absorbing into the skin help it get down in there where you need it. Research has also shown topical emu oil to have anti-inflammatory properties. And it's loaded with fatty acids which are excellent for your skincare routine!

Moringa oil is also fantastic for the skin. Its nutrients include oleic acid, which is an excellent moisturizer. It's also rich in antioxidants and can be good for mild inflammation.

Of course, when you add cannabidiol (CBD) to the mix, along with tons of other natural oils and skin-soothing ingredients, you've got a pain salve that really gets to work easing those deep-down aches while keeping your skin smooth and soft! Some studies have shown that topical CBD can provide relief for aching muscles, inflammation, joint pain, and arthritis. With our formulation, CBD Pain Salve with Emu & Moringa Oil is perfect for your bathroom and even your massage table (a little goes a long way)!

CBD Pain Salve with Emu & Moringa Oil Ingredients

Coconut oil, mango butter, shea butter, beeswax, Broad Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD), Vitamin E, organic moringa, AEA certified emu oil (USA-raised emu), menthol crystal, St. John's-wort, Nigella sativa, mullein leaf, sunflower seed oil, extra virgin olive oil, aroma blend (organic lavender oil, lemon oil, orange oil, palmarosa oil, natural vanilla fragrance, wintergreen oil).

500mg CBD per 3 ounces. Unscented.

Please Note

All of our candles and skincare products at Smoky Mountain Dreams are handcrafted one batch at a time. As a result, the products you receive may have slight variations in color or appearance from the photos on our site.

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