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Honeysuckle Candles


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At Smoky Mountain Dreams, we handcraft our pure soy candles in small batches right here in Tennessee. This ensures a very concentrated, long-lasting fragrance, as well as long-lasting, clean-burning candles.

All of our candles and tarts are made with US-GROWN, ORGANICALLY-FARMED SOY BEANS.

Since we use PURE SOY and all-natural fragrances (NEVER chemical-based) the melted soy can even be used as a lotion for your skin. Just dip your finger in the melted soy (after extinguishing the flame). Rub it on for a great vitamin E and protein-infused moisturizer!

Don't be fooled by soy or vegetable blend candles which contain only a small amount of soy. These candles are made with mostly or all paraffin, a crude oil product.


All-Natural - Better for the Environment - Improves Indoor Air Quality - Perfect Aromatherapy!

Your family deserves the best. Always insist on PURE SOY!

Burn times (approximate):

  • 12oz Pure Soy Candle: 110 hours
  • 16oz Pure Soy Candle: 140 hours
  • 22oz Pure Soy Candle: 200 hours
  • Pure Soy Tart: 75 hours per cube (6 cubes per tart)

Please Note

All of our candles and skincare products at Smoky Mountain Dreams are handcrafted one batch at a time. As a result, the products you receive may have slight variations in color or appearance from the photos on our site.

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